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Day 1: Arrival to Banjul, Gambia. Rest of the day at leisure and overnight stay.

Day 2: Day trip to Kunta Kinteh Island - Visit to Banjul Port via ferry and explore the Albreda village, which has the freedom flag pole, slave museum and a church. Travel to Juffureh and then to Kunta Kinteh Island. Visit the museum and the dungeon of slaves. Overnight stay in Banjul.


Day 3: Visit the Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Albert Market, Arch 22-monument. Overnight stay in Banjul.


Day 4: Day trip to Bjilo Forest Park (Monkey Park) – View closed canopy forest with significant number of rhum palms and with a thin strip of herbaceous dune vegetation. Also watch various invertebrates, reptiles and mammalian species, troops of Green Vervet Monkeys, Western Red Colobus Monkeys, Senegal Bushbabies (Gulagos), Callithrix Monkey, Campbell's Mona Monkey and Patas, Sun Squirrel, African Civet, Genets, Mongoose, Brush Tailed Porcupine and some rodents, reptiles like Agama, Rainbow and Monitor Lizards. Also see fire ants, dragonflies, termites, butterflies, and the Golden Silk Orb-weaver among the numerous of insects and spiders. Overnight stay in Banjul.


Day 5: Visit the local school, open market, and Gunjur Fishing Village. Overnight stay in Banjul.

Day 6: Travel to River Gambia National Park. Overnight stay in the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project.


Day 7: Watch chimpanzees, cape clawless otter, genet, Nile crocodile, Ratel, aardvark, serval, western baboon, warthog, green vervet monkey, Maxwell’s duiker red colobus monkey, hippos, bush buck, Grimm’s duiker, western African manatee. More than 200 birds enjoy the island habitat with regular sights like cormorants, fish eagles, egrets, sacred ibis, heron, weavers, doves and many others. Overnight stay in River Gambia National Park.


Day 8: Enjoy Boating trips the period May to October and later November to April. Overnight stay in River Gambia National Park.

Day 9: Travel to Banjul. Rest of the day at leisure and overnight stay.

Day 10: Departure from Banjul, Gambia.


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