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Day 1: Arrival to Antananarivo, Madagascar. For souvenirs, visit Lisy Art Gallery and the is'art galerie. Overnight stay at Antananarivo.


Day 3: Day trip to Lemurs park - Leave for Ambositra by car. Overnight stay at Antananarivo.

Day 2: Antananarivo City Tour - Visit the Abohimanga (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Parc de Tsarasaotra Park, Cathedrale Catholique d Andohalo, Central Park Zoo. Overnight stay at Antananarivo.


Day 4: Ambositra City Tour - Visit the Benedictine Monastery, then the Cathedral in the heart of the town. Travel to Ranomafana National Park and overnight stay at small cottage within the park.

Day 5: Ranomafana National Park – Enjoy the small mammals, birds, reptiles and insects, as well as precious-wood trees, palms, bamboo, orchids and carnivorous plants. Ranomafana National Park is home to 13 species of lemur including the famous golden bamboo lemur. Overnight stay within the park.

Day 8: Zombitse National Park - Visit to the nearby mining town of Ilakaka, for a tour of sapphire mines. Then visit the Zombitse National Park to witness the bizarre Baobab Trees. Overnight stay in Isalo.


Day 6: Travel to Isalo - On the way, stop at the ANJà community reserve, a very good spot for observing lemurs and discovering the local culture. Then, continue on to the small city of Ambalavao, and visit of the Antemoro paper factory. Overnight Stay in Isalo.

Day 7: Isalo National Park - known for its contrasting scenery of deep canyons, crazy sandstone formations and open grasslands. The park is home to over 80 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles and 14 species of mammals including 3 lemur species (ring-tailed, red-fronted and Verreaux's sifakas lemur). Overnight stay in Isalo.


Day 9: Travel to Fianarantsoa -  Enjoy a visit to the heritage-rich old city of Fianarantsoa at afternoon. Soak in the 19th-century charm by walking along labyrinthine paths and admire the flower-studded balconies of local houses. Overnight stay in Fianarantsoa.

Day 10: Explore Fianarantsoa - Day trip to typical Magasy village, where people live a way of life still the norm for most of the island's population. Explore the countryside around Fianarantsoa, dotted with rice paddies cultivated by the Betsileo people and vineyards that produce the town's famous wine.  In the afternoon, visit the historical old city of Fianarantsoa on foot. Overnight stay in Fianarantsoa.


Day 11: Travel to Antsirabe - The city can be explored by using Colourful rickshaws, known as 'pousse-pousse'and discover tree-lined avenues, mixed European-style architecture, markets and more. Overnight stay in Antsirabe.



Day 14: Travel to Mahambo Beach –  Visit the beaches and spend the rest of the day at leisure.


Day 12-13: Travel to Andasibe National Park – Visit the Pereyras exotic park for observing chameleons, frogs, snakes and 11 species of lemur. A Nocturnal walk can also be done through the forest at Mitsinjo to spot endemic butterflies, lemurs and other nocturnal species. This tropical forest is also home to unique endemic birds such as the long-eared owl and the rufous-headed ground-roller, and the smallest living chameleon, Brookesia minima. Overnight stays in Andasibe National Park.



Day 15: Travel to ferry terminal at Soanierana Ivongo and Leave for St. Marie Island via ferry boat

Day 16: Explore the St. Marie Island and also visit Île aux Nattes, a small island south of Île Sainte-Marie.



Day 17: Travel back to Antananarivo by flight, coach, boat and taxi. Overnight stay at Antananarivo.

Day 18: Departure from Antananarivo, Madagascar


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